There are three sections to complete when you do the survey .

Section I are the parameters used in building the reports. You cannot leave these blank and expect to be credited for completing the survey. Most of the parameter data can be retrieved from the Registrar’s office, Office of Institutional Reseach or the Budget office .

Section I . The data is saved only when you clck on “Save my Data” at the bottom of the page in Section I

Section II and Section III. The data is saved every time you key a salary,

Evey time you log on and login to “Key Your Data” or “Print your Data” the data comes from the server and if it is diplayed, it has been saved

The data is saved in a Microsoft database.

The first thing that I do in March when the system comes down is range check all salaries for every position and throw away the data that is way too low or way too high for that position. It takes two to three days to range check all the data.

Do not Key partime salaries, convert these to a full time equivalent if you want to submit these

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