HEITS positions and their job descriptions are guides to assist an institution with the categorization of their existing positions.

C010 Vice President/ Chief Information Officer & Director of Libraries

C020 Chief Information Officer of Information Technology

C200 AVP/Exec. Director/Director of Instructional Services including/e-Learning

C210 Director/ Manager of Audio Visual Services

C220 Exec. Director/Director of e-Learning and Web Course Development

C230 Exec. Director/Director of Instructional Material Assessment-(testing)

C240 Exec. Director/Director of Video Production and Development

C300 Exec. Director/Director of Administrative Applications/Systems

C400 Exec. Director/Director of Computing Infrastructure

C500 Director of Networking

C510 Director of Networking & Telecommunications

C600 Director of Telecommunications

C700 Exec. Director/Director of Computer Operations & Enterprise Operating System Software

C800 Director/Manager of User Support Services

C900 Director/Manager of User Training

C910 Manager of the Computer Store

C920 Manager of the Help Desk

C930 Human Resource Specialist for IT

C940 Business Manager for IT

C960 Chief Information Security Officer

C980 IT Technical Specialist



T010 Operations Shift Supervisor

T020 Senior Computer Operator

T030 Computer Operator

T050 Scheduling Specialist

T052 Senior Scheduling Specialist

T080 Computer Media Librarian

T090 Senior Personal Computer Technician or User Support Specialist or Analyst

T100 Personal Computer Technician or User Support Specialist or Analyst

T110 Associate Personal Computer Technician or User Specialist or Analyst

T135 Associate Office Technical Support Specialist

T140 Technical Support Specialist or User Services PC Specialist

T142 Human Resource Administrator Specialist

T150 Senior System Administrator

T160 System Administrator

T170 Associate System Administrator

T190 Associate Electronic Technician

T200 Electronic Technician

T210 Senior Electronic Technician

T220 Technical Writer

T240 Project Administrator

T250 Senior Office Administrator /Coordinator

T260 Office Assistant Administrator

T270 Account Specialist

T275 Senior Account Specialist

T280 Office Manager/Supervisor

T290 Secretary

T300 Senior LAN/WAN Analyst/Senior Network Engineer

T310 LAN/WAN Analyst/Network Engineer

T320 Associate LAN/WAN Analyst/Associate Network Engineer

T340 Senior Web Developer

T350 Web Developer

T360 Web Graphics Designer

T365 Senior Web Graphics Designer

T370 Webmaster

T400 Senior Telecom Engineer/Specialist

T410 Telecom Engineer/Specialist

T420 Senior Telecom Technician

T430 Telecom Technician

T440 Senior Telecom Service Representative

T450 Telecom Service Representative

T470 Telephone Operator

T480 Senior Telephone Operator

T500 Enterprise Software Systems Programmer

T510 Senior Enterprise Software Systems Programmer

T520 UNIX Software Systems Specialist

T530 Senior UNIX Software Systems Specialist

T535 Jr. Storage Administrator

T540 Storage Administrator

T560 Senior Trainer Coordinator

T570 Trainer

T610 Senior Help Desk Specialist/ Consultant

T620 Help Desk Specialist/ Consultant

T630 Associate Help Desk Specialist

T640 Personal Computer Help Desk Specialist

T650 Security Analyst/ Security Analyst I

T660 Senior Security Analyst/ Security Analyst II

T680 Database Administrator

T682 Senior Database Administrator

T684 Database Analyst

T690 Database Manager

T700 Project Leader or Lead Systems Analyst

T710 Application Systems Analyst / Systems Analyst

T720 Senior Applications/Business Systems Analyst / Senior System Analyst

T730 Applications Programmer Analyst

T740 Senior Applications Programmer Analyst

T750 Senior Programmer

T760 Programmer

T770 Client Server Programmer Analyst

T780 Client Server Programmer

T790 Data Warehouse Developer- (ETL) Extract-Transform-Load

T800 Academic Consultant/Consultant

T810 Senior Academic Consultant/Senior Consultant

T820 Lab Operation Support Supervisor

T830 Lab Operation Specialist

T850 Audio Visual Services Specialist

T860 Coordinator of Audio-Visual Classroom Services

T870 Multi Media Instructional Project leader

T880 Multimedia Specialist

T882 Multimedia Assistant

T886 Coordinator of Multi-Media Resource Services

T900 Graphics Instructional Designer

T910 Instructional Designer

T930 Curriculum Designer- Educational Specialist

T960 Senior Instructional Programmer Analyst

T970 Instructional Programmer Analyst

T975 Coordinator of Distance Education Facilities

T980 Video Network Engineer

T984 TV Production Specialist