The Annual Information Technology Salary Survey Reports

The HEITS Annual Information Technology Salary Survey Reports consist of a series of reports on both management and technical staff salaries in Higher Education Information Technology. This publication lists the average, lowest and highest salary for over forty positions in the technical staff and over ten positions in management.

Each year the salary survey starts in late fall, usually mid October . Click on the “Salary Survey”button to participate and click on the “Password Request” button to obtain a password. Check the “Deadlines” button for the correct starting and ending date. The Annual Report for Information Technology Salary Survey is produced in April or early May of each year.

The HEITS Annual Information Technology Salary Survey Reports cover salary statistics on information technology management and staff located throughout the United States. There are 29 reports depicting the average salary of both management and technical staff. A new report on Salaries within regions of the US and the Salaries compared by size where size is measured by FTE Student headcount in included. Click on the “How to Order” button to find out how to obtain your copy.

HEITS also has the ability to produce surveys for any group of institutions. For example all Institutions within a state or on a particular type of institution such as all Liberal Arts institutions etc. You would need to get a commitment from your group of institutions to complete the survey. Contact HEITS for producing a special report to meet your requirements.

HEITS welcomes institutions from throughout the world to join our offering. We welcome your suggestions and opinions. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have questions.

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